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The Language

CookeyLang is an interpreted, dynamic, and easy-to-use language. It is currently in development in node.js, but is planned to expand as an exectuable in C++. It is built for beginners and it's syntax is inspired by many languages (JavaScript, Python, C, and C#) making it easy to transition from cookeylang to other languages. It has a lot of syntactical sugar and is created for the 2020 Programming Language Jam.

The Team


Coder100 is well known in the repl.it community as a frequent contributor and the creator of the official repl.it database client. A fullstack JavaScript developer who likes making fun Unity and canvas games, he also does some projects with C++! Coder100 is a helpful and positive person who can also get a smile on your face.


Not too much is known about Codemonkey51, but what is known is that they are amazing at coding! They mainly code in Python, but also make quality HTML/CSS/JS projects. They love making pull requests to repl.it's polygott repo and try to add even more languages to repl.it's boastful list.


JDOG787 is a frontend web developer currently spending his time learning Node.js and JavaScript. He knows some Python and Swift. He is well known in the repl.it discord community and very competitive in the weekly challenges on repl.it. He is an all round nice guy.


Kinda mysterious ngl, codes lots, expert Python guy person (thing?).
Loves AI, please don't leak my location to outside sources thanks cc. Just realized my about section is going to turn into a warzone yay what fun this'll be cool, please go ahead.


He is a mysterious box of secrets! Currently residing in the US, TheSummit3145 is a developer who enjoys creating animations, game developmentin Unity, and programming in C++ and C#.


CodingCactus is well known in the repl.it comunity for their console games and discord bot, but also, more recently, their Flask web-apps. They recently found Flask and hasn't stopped using it since! With it they have made a variety of projects; some useful, some with little use whatsoever. They love helping people squash bugs and solve probems.